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Consistent Decluttering: My Secret Weapon - The Donate Bin

Updated: Apr 13

Clutter creeps into our lives so quickly. Between the nonstop accumulation of school papers, cute little trinkets purchased at the Target "dollar" spot, or the impulse buy from Amazon because an Influencer said it was the next greatest thing... Items are constantly entering our homes.

Therefore I have created a system that helps me decrease the amount of clutter in my home consistently without overwhelm! And it requires very little time to set up and implement!

Step 1 - Create a donation bin!

This doesn't take much thought. It doesn't have to be a fancy container. Just find a decent sized container that can store a good amount of items until it's time to donate.

For us, it's an old wicker laundry hamper. You can easily buy cheap laundry hampers at Walmart like this one here. But I would suggest some sort of container you already have around your house. Get creative.

Step 2 - Store the donation bin in an easy to access location.

Our donation bin is placed in the linen closet, so it's out of the way but easy to get to. However, if you have a larger laundry room where the donation bin wouldn't be in the way, place it there or in the garage.

Find the best location because you will be accessing it frequently (if you follow these steps).

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." – William Morris

Step 3 - Place items in the donation bin.

Simple as that! As you are naturally living in your home, constantly look for items that are no longer useful to you. You don't have to set aside time to do this, just allow it to happen naturally.

Let me explain...

Say you're in the kitchen cooking dinner and come across a gadget that seemed awesome to buy at the time but is now taking up valuable real estate in your drawer because it never gets used. And you are constantly moving it out of the way to find the item you really need. Take 15 seconds and place it in the donate bin. Done!

Another example... My daughter was getting ready for church one morning. I suggested a pair of shoes to wear with her dress. She explained that she liked the shoes (and wore them some), but they really did not fit her feet great and were very uncomfortable to wear. So we decided that because they were still in decent condition, to place them in the donate bin. It was a simple decision that took maybe 30 seconds. Now she can focus on the shoes that she actually enjoys wearing.

Again, allow this donation process to happen naturally and consistently as you go about your day.

Step 4 - Take the donations to a donation center.

Once your container is full, use a trash bag, old diaper box, or Amazon box to take the donations to a donation center.

As a professional organizer, I usually time my donation trips when I know I'll be going to a client's home and will have more stuff to donate with my box.

For you, take the box/bag when you are doing a Target pickup or on the way to the library for Storytime with your child. Find a time that's convenient and on the way, so you won't find yourself riding around with the box or bag for days (or weeks 😬)!

Step 5 - Repeat

Continue this process. Clutter is continuous so constantly look for items that no longer serve a purpose in your home. Over time, the process will become natural to you (and your family). You will find that you no longer overthink where to place unused items. You will have a bin ready for it!

I love having a designated place for items I no longer need in my home!

This simple system of creating a donate box keeps the clutter to a minimum in my home! I even created a reel a while back that explained the process. You can find it here.

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Hey! I'm Tiffany - a passionate, self-proclaimed decluttering expert. After having 4 children, I quickly learned how clutter causes so much stress in our lives and impacts our home in a negative way. And how having systems in place can help create a more stable home for our families.

That's why I am on a mission to help other families in Brunswick, Georgia and surrounding areas declutter and create systems that help their homes function with ease.

If you are interested in learning more about my hands-on decluttering and organizing services, click the link below.


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